Welcome to Dwell and Gather Home!

I’m Melodee, a DIY enthusiast & lover of all things home. Creating a lovely and inviting space for my family and friends to dwell and gather is what I love to do. Journey with me for inspiration and ideas to create an intentional and inviting space of your own.

Intentional Design

I believe in using what you have, and adding intentional, curated items that will stand the test of time. Design doesn’t have to cost a ton of money, and a little paint and DIY goes a long way.


Whether you live in a dorm, shared room, small studio/apartment, home, or mansion- I believe in creating lovely and intentional spaces that make your heart happy.

Simple Style

We often times swoon over magazines, Pinterest, and beautiful images online and wonder “HOW can my space look like this?” Defining your own personal style, and keeping it simple is the key to happiness!


The spaces where we dwell are also where we gather with friends and family. Welcoming and inviting spaces, small-medium-or large, that we share with others is what life’s all about.

My Inspiration

I was born to creatives, and my whole life I have been surrounded by lovely spaces. Tagging along to antique malls, farmer’s markets, craft stores and such were typical weekend activities. As an adult I crave that sense of home and coziness in any space in which I dwell (yes, even at work in my classroom!).

Our Projects

Turning boring track homes into something more special is what the hubs and I love to do. Other projects include a mountain cabin, charming bungalow, coastal condo, and various painting and residential projects.

Let’s make something together.