Welcome 2021

Here’s to a New Year and all the cozy bedding!

As we finish up 2020 and slide into the new year, it feels great to get organized and tidy up our spaces. Our most asked question last year was, “Where did you get your bedding?”

We’re all about simple, versatile, and functional bedding. This linen blend duvet was an Amazon find, available HERE. We’ve purchased this duvet FOUR, yes FOUR, times this past year. Once for ourselves, and the other times for our kids and once for a gift. We all love this duvet. It’s got a little vintage wash feel to it, so if you like the crisp- freshly ironed look, skip this suggestion! If you are all about a cozy, lived in type of feel, we highly suggest this duvet. We used a comforter insert we had in our linen closet, and layered it over some vintage washed sheets from Target. They are no longer in stock but similar can be found HERE.

The euro pillows are from Home Goods and the lumbar pillow from Target. These are items I’m on the hunt for and are not always in stock later- but a similar euro pillow cover can be found HERE and a great lumbar pillow HERE.

To add a little texture, we love THIS simple throw, which is also an Amazon find.

Our bedrooms are usually the last place we decorate and spend money on redecorating. Choosing a neutral bedding is our number one tip for setting the foundation of your design in the bedroom. It’s so much easier to add in different colors, patterns, and textures when you start with a simple and neutral duvet.

Here’s to a cozy 2021 with spaces that feel warm, inviting, and intentionally curated.

xo, Melodee